Giving Voice to the Future: Support OpenVoiceOS in establishing a non-profit association.

OpenVoiceOS (OVOS) is a collective of programmers and hardware enthusiasts who produce an open-source voice assistant. We formed in 2019-2020 as an offshoot of the Mycroft community, bringing a handful of third-party projects under one roof. Our projects have been an extension of MycroftAI projects and core technologies itself, which slowly became independent of its parent.

Over the years, We’ve been operating in a manner of an soft fork and a non entity for over two years without giving the arrangements much thought.

With MycroftAI reduced to a skeleton crew announcement, and the transfer of most development operations to Neon AI by MycroftAI, the OpenVoiceOS ecosystem has increased it’s project capacity to be inclusive of all platforms and code bases. Popular projects like NeonAI and Plasma Bigscreen also now derive from the OpenVoiceOS code base.

Where NeonAI an commercial organization who also incorporates OpenVoiceOS code represents the future of MycroftAI companies commercial operations due to recent partnerships, OpenVoiceOS individually represents the survival of the adjacent open-source community, and our maintained code is every commercial and non-commercial project’s best hope for the future. Circumstances have made it abundantly clear that, although we’re fortunate to enjoy an extremely friendly relationship with our members’ employers, we’re just as fortunate to have endured this period intact during a shift in scope. Such an informal relationship with the world at large is no longer tenable as we grow in numbers as a community and a project to become more of the adopted solution.

We’ve decided to become a Non-Profit Association under Dutch law. OpenVoiceOS will be registered as OpenVoiceOS V.z.w. (Dutch: “Vereninging zonder winstoogmerk”, a nonprofit association, as distinguished from a foundation.) The association will support the OpenVoiceOS (OVOS) community in legal and financial matters by securing donations of cash, hardware, and other relevant aid. These donations will be used to facilitate software development, promotion, and support.

To establish the association and equip it with a positive balance for ongoing expenses, we have determined that we need to raise €3033. We’re deeply grateful for any support. You can help by chipping in at our GoFundMe campaign.

Please feel free to approach the OpenVoiceOS community and maintainers with any questions or concerns. You can expect to hear more from us over the next few weeks, as we finalize our plans for long-term stability, a more structured development process, and much more!

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